Personal Sponsor Entry: Create Account

Welcome to the U.S. Rule 40 Permissions System. 

If you represent a company seeking U.S. Rule 40 permission, please read and fill in all information for the following pages and complete the USOPC Personal Sponsor Commitment (PSC) in order to obtain U.S. approval for Paris 2024.

Upon completing the USOPC PSC, your company will obtain U.S. Rule 40 approval for the company, athletes, brands and products/services specified with your submission, provided that your company has rights to use each specified athlete’s IP via a direct and individual contract between your company and said athlete. You will be able to add more athletes to your completed PSC.

If you work for an agency, please be aware that you cannot complete the PSC on behalf of a client. An employee of the Athlete Personal Sponsor must complete the PSC.

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